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Shop 2 Live & Give

As you can imagine, it is a challenge to fundraise, this is why DCS takes a very practical approach with our Shop 2 Live & Give program. We have teamed up with 3 local stores, Thrifty Foods, Country Grocer and The Old Farm Market, so just by shopping, you are supporting DCS! Any questions, talk to Beverlee Caron.

Simply obtain a Smile Card from the high school office, load your card before you shop, and DCS will receive 5% of every dollar spent!!

For every dollar you spend in Country Grocer, DCS receives 1%! Simply keep your receipts and bring them into the DCS Secondary office!

If you plan on shopping at the Old Farm Market, purchase a preloaded Old Farm Market card from the secondary office. DCS earns 7% on each dollar spent there.